Philippine gov't says arrest of loiterers not prelude to national martial law

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Duterte last week warned the "tambays", or the people who stay on the streets, that they are potential "trouble makers."

For example, the Bill of Rights assures its citizens of fair and just trial, he noted.

MANILA, June 19 (Xinhua) -- The order of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to launch a crackdown on loiterers on Manila's streets is not a prelude to a nationwide martial law, presidential spokesman Harry Roque said on Tuesday.

He asked police to be strict with loiterers, saying if they refuse to go home, police can bring them home or bring them to bureau offices.

Local police said more than 5,10000 "tambays" have been arrested since Duterte's order on June 13.

The targets of the anti-loitering campaign are those who are drinking and gambling on the streets, said Roque, adding the public need not to worry since there are "built-in" guarantees to this directive.

Others who were rounded up included illegal street vendors and those doing karaoke on the streets.

In a press briefing in Cotabato City in southern Philippines, Roque reiterated Duterte's statement that "martial law in the entire Philippines will become very complicated."

Metro Manila Police Chief Superintendent Guillermo Eleazar said loiterers were arrested for violation of various city ordinances, like curfew, drinking in public places or roaming the streets half-naked and smoking in public places.

Roque also said last week that "every Filipino deserves to be safe in the streets."

"Duterte's 'tambay' remarks simply mean he wants a strict enforcement of city ordinances as part of making our streets safe from criminals and other unscrupulous elements."

"The president has absolutely no intentions right now unless there would be reasons to do so. He does not see any reason for now," Roque said, adding Duterte only wanted a strict enforcement of laws to prevent crime.

As to the new directive, Roque explained that both the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Philippine National Police are working on the guidelines for the implementation of the directive.



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